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VPG Asia is a syndicate investing and serving as a strategic JV partner for companies seeking to establish a presence in Asia. Formed by seasoned investment professionals in early 2014, VPG Asia members have access to Asia-based institutional investors, family offices, and UHNW individuals willing to co-invest alongside the syndicate and provide additional value in a strategic growth region.

VPG Asia seeks to play an intimate role throughout the financing process, performing due diligence and providing strategic operational insight to help create additional value for select opportunities. The firm’s investment focus spans the gamut of sectors including consumer retail, technology, media, real estate, logistics, healthcare, food & beverage and more.

VPG Asia 是一個以戰略合資夥伴形式投資及行事的財團,主要面向尋求在亞洲開闢業務版圖的公司。二零一四年初,VPG Asia由多名經驗豐富的投資專家成立,其成員串聯亞洲地區的各大機構投資者、家族理財室及願意與財團一起共同投資的超高淨值個人,矢志在戰略增長地區締造附加價值。

VPG Asia 力求在整個融資過程中緊密協作,通過執行盡職調查和提供戰略運營見解而協助在經甄選商機中創造附加價值。該公司的投資重點覆蓋包括零售業、科技、媒體、房地產、物流、保健,食品及飲料在內的所有領域。



Floship provides a totally outsourced e-fulfillment platform with seamless integration to all the major shopping carts. Its technology provides businesses with a fully automated end-to-end order management flow. Based in Hong Kong, the world’s largest air cargo hub, Floship provides its customers with the lowest courier fees while also achieving some of the fastest delivery times to consumers throughout the world.

VPG Asia acted as the lead investor for Floship’s recent seed round.


VPG Asia 為Floship最近一輪種子融資的領投方。


TruTag Technologies, Inc.™ makes product authentication solutions addressing the trillion dollar global problem of counterfeit and diverted goods. TruTag’s technology platform, featuring silica microtags that serve as durable, inert, covert “edible bar codes,” allow high-volume, high-value items, such as medicine, electronics, industrial parts and consumer goods, to be identified at the lot or batch level.

Among its many awards, TruTag™ was also selected as one of the Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum (2014) and Gold Award winner in Material Science at the Edison Awards (2014)

TruTag™ was incorporated in 2011 and is a privately-held company headquartered in Kapolei, Hawaii, with offices in California and Texas.

VPG Asia was among a select group of investors participating in the recent Series B financing round.

TruTag Technologies, Inc.™制定產品認證解決方案,是專為應對全球逾萬億美元的造假仿冒產品問題而設。TruTag™的技術平台的最大特色是硅膠微標籤,微標籤為耐用、無形而隱密的「可食用條形碼」,可對藥品、電子零件、工業部件及消費品等大批量、高價值的產品進行精確到小批次或微量次的驗證。

TruTag™獲獎無數,其中包括於2014年世界經濟論壇獲選為技術先鋒及於2014年愛迪生獎獲選為重大科學技術金獎(Gold Award winner in Material Science)贏家。


VPG Asia為參與最近一輪B系列融資的投資方之一。


Notey is a website and app that aggregates the highest quality blogs on over 500,000 topics, creating a discovery-oriented user journey that focuses on blog posts and personal anecdotes and experiences. Notey’s back-end algorithms support powerful search and bookmarking features that enable easy deep dives into topics of interest from across millions of filtered blog posts. Notey recently opened itself to the public at Techcrunch SF.

VPG Asia was among a select group of angel investors to participate in Notey’s most recent raise of USD 2 million.


VPG Asia 是其中一個應邀參與Notey總值美金200萬的天使投資者。


Breathometer™ is the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer. Breathometer™ is a combination of a sleek and portable device that connects to your smartphone and an easy-to-use app that together estimates your blood alcohol level, helping you monitor your alcohol consumption and giving you the power to make smarter decisions when drinking.

Breathometer™ was featured in the US television show Shark Tank™ and is the only company to date to manage to receive funding from all 5 Sharks, bringing in an USD 1 million seed investment into the company.

VPG Asia led the recent USD 3 million convertible bridge financing round which included investors such as Stanford University’s StartX Fund.

作為全球首款智能手機酒精測試儀,Breathometer™ 是一項時髦而便攜的發明設計,可連接到您的智能手機,其內搭載的易用應用程序能估測您的血液酒精濃度,有助您把握飲酒量,從而令您得以在飲酒時保持清醒的頭腦。

Breathometer™ 曾於美國電視節目Shark Tank™中閃亮登場,成為迄今為止唯一一家同時獲得全部五名 Shark 投資贊助的公司,共贏得種子投資一百萬美元。

最近一輪三百萬美元可轉換過橋融資由 VPG Asia 牽頭,參與投資者包括史丹福大學的 StartX Fund。


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